Street Fighter IV Arena v2.6 APK indir

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Street Fighter IV Arena v2.6 APK

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Full Latest Version Android Game 2014 12/02/2014

NEXON Festival Events

Duration: 11:12 (Wed) 11:00 11.18 (Tue) 23:59
20% of the total additional payment by Gem!
Add various elements in the pay line paid!
(Strengthening success tickets, S-Class badge, box, box seal ... etc, and)
a real struggle to climb film !!
War real-time network support !!
Mobile arena in the league, try a big challenge central struggle!
▣ Opening Season 2 (9/22 ~ ??) ▣
Bronze & gt; Silver & gt; Gold & gt; Platinum & gt; Diamond & gt; Mother
War exciting to hand mode, start from the beginning!
All the user has to start bronze,
victory thanks to accumulated points can be monitored at a higher class
defeat lose points to spark starts a subclass League relegation jump.


Best selection and monitoring adherence major league season features breathtaking first breath!
Gwonwang also wander, to challenge your skills in growth mode!
Real-time network battle mode match-up excitement!
Challenge your friends blow the competition authority's friends War!
Galaxy Note 1 model for a smooth game, it can be difficult.
The game uses the problem we will do our best so that the user ask for patience deurimyeo.
What's new in this version: (Updated: November 3, 2014)
Viper Heavy Thunder Thunder Knuckle Knuckle reinforced to strengthen the non-problem is corrected

Required Android O / S: 2.3

RAR Password

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